19 de octubre de 2016

TOUCH - Street Suite (USA-1969) @320

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USA St.Louis (MO)..Otro de los muchos discos con reminiscencias West Coast..Este un poco mas blusero,,feeling Jefferson y Blue Cheer.Femina a la voz que en momentos recuerda a Janis,,Buen trabajo de guitarra y largos temas.. Un discazo.

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THE UNDERDOGS - Wasting Our Time (NEW ZEALAND-1971) @320

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Segunto disco de este grupo y para mi su mejor..Rock-blues,,con fenomenal trabajo de la guitarra y seccion ritmica.. Muy Bueno..

This Auckland band evolved out of the Underground Blues Band, which had formed in 1965. The name change came in 1966 and The Underdogs signed to Zodiac Records at the tail end of '66.

They quickly established a reputation as a wild live act and in Harvey Mann had one of the best blues guitarists in New Zealand. After the release of their debut 45 See Saw they appeared on the national T.V. pop show 'C'mon!'. Soon after Mann departed to The Brew. Lou Rawnsley replaced him and his fuzzy guitar line was a characteristic of their follow-up, a cover of John Mayall's Sitting In The Rain. Apart from being a huge local hit the single made the National Top 20.
In 1967, their hot reputation as a live band earned them a slot on the touring version of the 'C'mon! Show' when the frequently brought the house down. At the end of the year they decided to relocate to Wellington, which led to the departure of Neil Edwards to Le Frame. He was replaced by former Breakaways' member Dave Orams, who in turn gave way to ex-Bitter End man George Barris. The move to Wellington proved a bad one 'cos they found it hard to get work. In early 1968 they disintegrated. Neil Edwards also did a stint with Human Instinct and then Headband.
That's not the end of the story, however, later that year Murray Grindlay and Harvey Mann (both in The Brew) decided to reform the band in Auckland (line-up E). Doug Thomas had also been in The Breakaways. Rawnsley designed the cover for their album then left. His replacement was Chaz Burke-Kennedy, but their cover of Frank Zappa's You Can Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance had to be retitled There Will Come A Time to satisfy the censors, but it didn't sell well and conflict over musical direction (or lack of it) saw the band in limbo again. There was one further brief reformation in the late seventies.

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THEM - Time Out! Time In For (USA-1968) @320

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Segundo Disco editado en USA De Them sin V.Morrison...Cuatro legaron a editarse..Quiza para mi el mejor de todos,,A Diferencia del primero este es mas Sicodelico,,guitarras fuzz,,algo de R & B y cosas con sitar.. Muy Bueno..

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10 de octubre de 2016

McCHURCH SOUNDROOM - Delusion (GERMANY-1971) @320

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Raro grupo Del Underground Kraupt Aleman,,del que muy poco se conoce,,excepto que goza de muy buena reputacion entre los amantes del genero y coleccionistas..Rock Hard-progress con flauta en linea J.Tull..elementos hard,,Blues-Folk..6 largos temas repletos del mas puro Rock Aleman..Muy Bueno.

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VIRUS - Thoughts (GERMANY-1971) @320

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Segundo LP De Estos Alemanes.Un poco diferente al anterior,,temas ya mas comunes en cuanto a la duracion..Mas rock-blusero que el REVELATION..

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ROCKCELONA - La Bruja (SPAIN-1979) @320

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Un disco,solo publicaron este incendiario LP ;frontera entre el Garaje-punk-hard con feroces ataques de guitarra demoledora,,y buenas dosis de fuzz-wah wah..No me identifico mucho con los discos tardios del hard a partir del 76 mas o menos..por lo que me parece un disco decente y de buena escucha..Este goza de una buena reputacion en nuestro pais y mas fuera de el..Hay que reconocer,,que dominan bien el arte guitarrero...Buen disco.

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