11 de enero de 2013

AMON DUUL - Para Dieswarts Duul (GERMANY-1971) @320

Tercer disco de la primera epoca de estos freaks Alemanes..su epoca mas experimental y acida..Temas largos y experimentados,,elementos folk y buena acided de guitarras.

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg:
The original Munich commune group, formed in 1967, Amon Düül were not your normal outfit of political activists or hippies, they were much more than that. Living together, they were constantly attempting to create or explore new genres in music. Psychedelic drugs, free-love, and a shared community were all factors, as was the new psychedelic music from Britain and the USA, especially so Hapshash & The Coloured Coat. Inevitably, due to political and musical differences, tempers got frayed and just before a legendary concert they split into two separate bands. Founder members, including Chris Karrer and others, went on to front the internationally successful Amon Düül II.

In sharp contrast, the original Amon Düül (who were more concerned with being politically active) recorded on very few occasions. A great part of their work was all recorded during the very same early sessions in 1969 within a matter of days. Typical of commune bands, Amon Düül were often quite wild and free-form. They played a high-energy bare-bones aggressive rock that was totally over-the-top in the percussion department, with raw grating guitars and wailing vocals. Their debut AMON DÜÜL (originally untitled, but generally referred to as "PSYCHEDELIC UNDERGROUND") and its follow-up COLLAPSING: SINGVÖGEL RÜCKWÄRTS & CO., both also displayed an eccentric use of studio effects, sound manipulation and sonic gags (like jumps, stuck-grooves, scratches, etc.), which gained them a curious notoriety. A total of four albums (two of them double LP's) were eventually released from those early sessions, and all are essential listening for fans of aggressive 60's rock.

The later incarnation (which grew out of an association with the "Berlin Commune 1") were different, and only recorded one album and a single. Still a touch hippy-political in concept the album PARA DIESWÄRTS DÜÜL was a more relaxed, albeit unusual, folky rock with the accent on multiple guitars, featuring lengthy improvised instrumental sections, closer to Quintessence or Popol Vuh, yet still quite unique. Members of this version of the band also guested on the similarly styled "Sandoz In The Rain" on Amon Düül II's YETI. The actual history of this incarnation of Amon Düül is virtually undocumented, though we do know that Karl-Heinz Hausmann of the "Berlin Commune 1" passed through and followed Peter Leopold to Amon Düül II. They also played live quite extensively when based in Berlin, and even Klaus Schulze is reputed to have played in concert with them!
Rayner Bauer (guitar, vocals), Ulrich Leopold (basses), Helge Filanda (congas, vocals), Peter "Krischke" Leopold (drums, piano), Ella Bauer (drums, vocals), Angelika Filanda (drums, vocals), Uschi Obermaier (maracas)

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

71,00mb Enjoy It:
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Pep Sonic dijo...

Grupo con excelente reputación. Hace tiempo que no escucho nada de ellos y nada mejor que hacerlo con un ripeo original. Salud,