17 de mayo de 2011

CREATION - Creation (JAPAN-1975) @320

Was a continuation of Blues Creation [see above], after their involvement with Carmen Maki [see below]. Bassist Masashi Saeki and vocalist Hiromi Osawa were replaced by Shigeru Matsumoto [bass, percussion,vocals] and Yoshiaki Iijima [guitar], with guitarist and band leader Kazuo Takeda also taking on keyboards. In 1973 the band opened for Mountain on a tour, beginning a friendship between Takeda and Mountain‟s Felix Pappalardi that would last for some time. Their first album was „Creation‟ [EMI, 1975], produced by Yuya Uchida of The Flowers [see below], and Kei Ishizaka. While being less heavy and not quite as good as Blues Creation had been, with a bit more of a mainstream leaning in parts, it was still a very good and varied album in it‟s own right, and revisited a bit of a hard psych element to the music here and there. When Felix Pappalardi came to Japan in 1975 to play at a rock festival, Creation guitarist Takeda played with him in Pappalardi‟s World Rock Festival Band. Pappalardi was going to produce their next album, but he ended up joining the band briefly as well on bass, keyboards and vocals, resulting in the album „Creation & Felix Pappalardi‟ [Express/Toshiba EMI, 1976], which was more eclectic and commercial in style, with Pappalardi‟s vocal and compositional style being very noticeable, making the album sound kind of like a less heavy, more commercial version of Mountain. Although weaker than the previous album, it still featured a few pretty good songs. In the US it was released with a different cover as „Felix Pappalardi & Creation‟. „Pure Electric Soul‟ [EMI, 1977] followed without Pappalardi, again produced by Uchida and Ishizaka. Featuring lots of funk rock and soul ballads, it was a pretty disappointing album overall, although the funky tracks are still good and there are a couple of really good heavy rockers, most impressive being a cover of The Yardbirds‟ „Happenings Ten Years Time Ago‟. This has been claimed by some to be a live album, but it certainly doesn‟t sound like it. There is a CD release on Mason with „Creation‟ and „Pure Electric Soul‟ together as a 2-CD set, possibly a bootleg, and both have also legitimately been reissued separately. „Super Rock in the Highest Voltage‟ [Express, 1978] saw Iijima absent, Matsumoto replaced by Masahiko Takeuchi and Mitsuru Kanekuni added on sax. „Studio Live in Direct To Disc Recording‟ [Express/Toshiba EMI, 1978] saw yet more line-up changes, plus numerous guest musicians. Albums following were „The Land of the Rising Sun‟ [Toshiba EMI, 1980], „Lonely Heart‟ [Toshiba EMI, 1981], „Just Arrive‟ [Toshiba EMI, 1982], „Running On‟ [1982], „Songs For a Friend‟ [King, 1983] and „Rainy Nite Dreamer‟ [King, 1984]. These days guitarist Takeda lives in the United States and is known as Kazuo „Flash‟ Takeda or „Flash‟ Kaz Takeda, and plays blues and jazz. He‟s released many solo albums, beginning with „Misty Morning Flight‟ [Toshiba EMI, 1978].

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

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4 comentarios:

Nacho dijo...

Hola, me estoy aficionando y coleccionando grupos japoneses de los años 70s por lo que te agradezco infinitamente este disco.

[erick] dijo...

Me encantan los japos, buen disco, gracias galactic

Pep Sonic dijo...

Muchas gracias jose. No soy muy fan de los grupos japoneses, pues suele predominar el hard sobre el garage o la psicodelia, aunque lógicamente me gustan estos discos. La portada es fabulosa!!! Je,je,je.

[erick] dijo...

Gracias galactic por el ripeo, yo tengo uno de Blues Creation, a mi los japos no me matan pero tampoco me disgustan, lo que si me sorprende que alguien con una cultura tan diferente a la nuestra haga esos discos de hard psycho.