12 de abril de 2011

JUNIPHER GREENE - Friendship (NORWAY-1971) @320

Disco Doble.Primer LP.Simplemente MARAVILLOSO..Disfrutarlo.
This Oslo group did what The Mothers Of Invention had done in 1966 and Magma had done in 1970: they started their recording career (in 1971) with a double album! Junipher Greene were the first Norwegian group to release a double album, although among the Scandinavians they were preceded by Burnin' Red Ivanhoe's M144 (dating from 1969). The album Friendship is an ambitious effort and a milestone in Scandinavian (if not European) progressive rock, bridging the hippie idealism of the sixties to the growing instrumental aspirations of the seventies. Junipher Greene started performing under this name in 1967 and the content of Friendship spanned several years. Many of the songs on the first album of the set echo the slow rock of The Beatles and Pretty Things circa 1969/70 with vocals treated with Leslie effects (as favoured by John Lennon) and clever guitar riffing. "Try To Understand" embraced the sentiments of "Come Together" and the young generation's movement. It's the excellent songwriting that lifts Friendship above many of its rivals. Still many parts of it proved they had learned from contemporary Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd. The more 'progressive' parts (full of electric guitars, organ and flute) are most notable on the second album's "Friendship Suite" - a masterwork of progressive rock lasting for over 25 minutes.

Freddy Dahl left Junipher Greene soon after the album was released. Demoralized by an exhaustive tour in Poland, Helge Grøslie also left the band. He would later play with Titanic for some years.

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

64,1 MB     Disc 1  Pastword: maravilloso
67,98 MB   Disc 2  Pastword: maravilloso

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Anónimo dijo...

Thank you very much. This is a great dobule LP. Fantastic post, as usual friend.


Anónimo dijo...

Al igual que en el Marsupilami no se si habrá más comentarios en relación a este FANTASTICO disco, que podría pasar perfectamente por inglés, de aquellos en onda Parlour Band o Fantasy. Un trabajo 10, un trabajo que tenían muy claro, primer disco y 2LP. No me lo he bajado tengo una re-edición desde los 90's y lo he escuchado centenares de veces. Uno de esos discos que te demuestra donde podía llegar una canción..

Es triste decirlo pero con discos como este no vale la pena perder el tiempo em otras cosas, porque el tiempo es limitado!!

Pep Sonic dijo...

Muchas gracias Galactic, como siempre buen material y esta vez desde Noruega. Increible la cantidad de buenos discos que hay no solamente ingleses o amercanos. Progresivo de alto nivel.