16 de febrero de 2011

H.Y.SLEDGE - Bootleg Music (USA-1971) @320

Disco raro y poco conocido..Para mi bonita portada..Toda una mezcla de:  toques hard,,sicodelia,,Sunshine y aderezado con buen trabajo de la guitarra fuzz..Buenas voces pop y armonias..Buen disco.

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

82,04 MB  Good Luck  Pastword: mañana

3 comentarios:

Louis dijo...

I never heard of this album. Thanks in advance...All the best Galactic.

Alex dijo...

I just came across this website of yours, it's the greatest thing I have ever come across. Thank you so much for all of your amazing music you so kindly share with the world. I'm glad to be a partaker of the enlightening posts you exude almost daily.I felt the need to comment on this one in particular because I just love the album art and groovy-ass organ played through out. It's nice to have found you, cosmic brother.

[erick] dijo...


gracias por el disco galactic, me ha gustado bastante.

Me quedo con con Canadian Exodus y Ride the waves.