4 de noviembre de 2010


Unico LP publicado por este grupo de Los Angeles..tambien editaron 2 sencillos..Fiel y claro exponente del San Francisco Sound..Total terrorifico sonido blues rock con marcado toque west coast,buen trabajo de  guitarras acidas junto con buenas voces y armonias. Muy bueno

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

85,34 MB Good Luck  Pastword: paradise

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gregg dijo...

If you check around you will find the CD version of this LP which includes the 3 tracks that were recorded for the Fifth Pipe Dream album on the San Francisco Sound label. The 3 core members on the Tripsichord album were Frank Straight (guitar)Randy Gusman (AKA Randy Gordon, drums)& David Zandanotti (bass). They started out in the Pacific coast town of Lompoc, California as the BAN, moved to the Los Angelas area and became THE NOW, releasing 45's under both names. They were building a very strong following playing all of the famous LA clubs in the mid-60's. Matthew Katz (he was the man behind 3 of the better known SF groups- Jefferson Airplane - Moby Grape & It's a Beautiful Day)signed The Now to a recording and management deal with his SFSounds label and changed their name to Tripsichord Musicbox. They were a quartet with Oliver McKinney on keyboards and he recorded and with them on the 5th Pipe Dream sessions. Katz lost he's deals with the Moby Grape but still had the rights to the name so he started having his other groups fill in for at concerts and festivals through out the west. Oliver got married and his wife was due to have their only kid, he left the band because they were really making no money and by this time no longer playing their own music. The rest of the guys carried on with some old school chums of David's and cut their one and only album. They had recorded enough earlier to easily put out another album or two from the FPD recordings. I know, because I was there in December 67 when they spent the week in the only 8 track studio in San Francisco at the time. These 4 musicians were the best that the West Coast ever saw but fait has its on set of rules.

badger dijo...

thanks to gregg for a very welcome
and highly interesting commentary
and thanks to this blog for making such a gem available.

25 years ago i started out with a vinyl-counterfeit and later
added the cd (on EVA) with extra
tracks. and i really wouldn't mind, if there had been a 2nd lp.

Pep Sonic dijo...

Un disco muy buscado y cotizado. Uno de esos discos míticos. Quería haberlo comentado después de bajarlo, pero se me resite megaupload ultimamente..debe estar colapsado. El disco entero es fabuloso y siempre he tenido especial querencia por la canción "The Narrow Gate"

The6070Rock dijo...

Hi guys, everybody knows i'm a fanatic hardrocker but this album is just GREAT, with so nice guitar acid guitar solos. On The Last Ride track is one of the best on the LP.

Thanks for the share,

dingocrispel dijo...

Este disco es la hostia, gracias Jose por tener este material cuando frecuentaba tu tienda allá por los 90, de mis discos favoritos TOP TEN Acetato, super sicodelico y acido, con melodias orgasmicas, killer guitar..cuando lo escuchas te transporta...la verdad que la gente aquella puestos de acido y con esta musica, no me extraña que se quedaran colgados..., brutales, aunque todo el disco es buenisimo, mis favoritas son Black door, the new word y fly baby, otro disco que tambien me produce sensaciones parecidas es el de "The Flow" el de la portada con los tres tipets tocando delante de una nube toxica.., un saludo

anders dijo...

Anyone know who the female singer on this album is? I wrote an blogpost about it here: http://dagens-album.blogspot.se/2012/05/atmosfariskt.html.