30 de julio de 2010

RAGNAROCK - Ragnarock (NEW ZEALAND-1975) @320

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Ragnarok were formed in Auckland in 1974, out of the remnants of breweries band Sweet Feet. Andre, Ross and Mark were originally from Christchurch, where they were together in a three piece called Flying Wild at the beginning of the seventies. They then formed Sweet Feet and moved to Auckland, where they played the pub circuit. In 1974 they disbanded this group, and it was at that point they met up with Ramon York and Lea Maalfrid.
In August 1975, they released a self-titled album on Revolution, that they had recorded at Eldred Stebbing's new 16-track studio. It sold reasonably well and from it came two singles, "Fenris"/"Fire In The Sky" and "Cavier Queen"/"Born To Wander". "Fenris" provided them with a minor hit that made the bottom reaches of the charts.
Ragnarok continued on without Lea, and in 1976 they released a second album called "Nooks" and a single from the album, "Five New Years"/"The Fourteenth Knock".
84,67 mb Good Luck pastword: emociones

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Louis dijo...

Thank you Galactic for this excellent post, as usual. I never heard this record and I found a great record.

Pep Sonic dijo...

Muchas gracias Jose, otro de esos discos que no conocía, aunque ya no me sorprendo. En mi opinión un buen disco de rock, de coleccionista. Lo dicho, muchas gracias.

Anónimo dijo...

I've been looking for this fine album for quite some time. Glad I've
finally found it ! Great stuff.
Keep up the good work & thanx-a-lot.

AussieRock dijo...

I too have been looking for this great NZ progressive rock LP - and at 320kps with covers - what a find
Many thanks fro Down Under