19 de julio de 2010

GLORY - A Meat Music Sampler (USA-1969) @320

Otro de los varios grupos Americanos con este nombre,,esta vez desde Houston(TEXAS)

This has caught some attention of late but should be
considered an aquired taste only. The basic feel is
of late-night spontaneous blues-based studio jams
revolving around main guy Linden Hudson who sings,
plays percussion and also coordinated the session,
which was partly recorded at Andrus Studios of
"Easter Everywhere" fame. A rootsy Southern all-night
bar feel evolves with a certain appeal, but the
tracks are really hit and miss affairs, for example
the vocal riffs on "Wish ta heck" are so annoying I
can barely listen to it. Despite trying hard Hudson
isn't good enough a vocalist to make it memorable,
though jazzy wee hours keyboard improvs add the right
touch. There isn't much songwriting to talk of, more
like excursions from basic mood riffs. Any attempts
to sell this as a "guitar killer" should be
considered dishonest hype. With a strong female
vocalist such as Lisa Kindred this would have worked
better, but still remained a marginal item. Not sure
why this was reissued, really. [PL]


53 mb http://www.megaupload.com/?d=6QKLT8PX  Pastword: activado

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