11 de mayo de 2010

MIND GARAGE - An electric happening (USA 1968) @320

Mind Garage from West Virginia USA, are well known for their 2 LPs made for RCA in 1969 and 1970. They came to a halt at 1970. "A total electric happening" LP, which we proudly present, contains their very first single privately released in 1968 through their own MORNING GLORI label plus 7 previously unreleased songs. All come from an old acetate made for promo use in 1968.

Ripeado de vinilo por PEP SONIC.

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The6070Rock dijo...

WOW, thanks PEPE LE SONICO, the last 2 albums was great. Mind Garage with their psycho sounds and the classic 70s hard rock Mistress are all we need to listen.


JeanBernardFrance dijo...

Pep Sonic in great condition today with 2 magnificents posts.I was listening to this album while commenting Bob Smith and Mistress;great organ playing(Vanilla Fudge quality) with furious burning guitar.
Many thanks Pep Sonic for the great quality of this post.
Can I ask you what is the level of the 2 albums of the group?.

frumious bandersnatch dijo...

It's nice to see Pep Sonic & his great vinyl rips again ! Just stumbled upon this blog and it's a goldmine, thanks to all contributors.

I've never heard this Mind Garage LP but I trust Anazitis.

Thanks to all !!!

Pep Sonic dijo...

Hi “Jeanbernardfrance”.

The two albums Mind Garage recorded for RCA are fine, but not masterpieces. There are plenty of good psychodelia albums from those years and think we can’t include those two among the best, though we should label them under xian rock style.

“An Electric Total Happening” has a more psychedelic style. I do like more the songs from “An Electric...” than those of their two official albums.

Cheers and thanks for the comments.

Hi frumious, thankx and welcome!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for this post,they are a xian rock band but not to preachy.Songs like "sunday xian"are more mainstream but they have the hammond/guitar moves.(hotroder)

JeanBernardFrance dijo...

Thanks for answer Pep Sonic;
Yes great pleasure also to read Frumious comments here.

pimpon dijo...

Vuelves a dar en el clavo Pep, otro acierto maravilloso, un disco que desde las primeras notas se disfruta.
Temas bajo la batuta del bajista que unido al sonido de la guitarra y al resto de los instrumentos, crea un disco de "altos vuelos".
No le quito oído al vocal que también lo hace fenomenal. También al órgano.
MARAVILLOSO, recomendable por ambas caras.
Muchas gracias Pep Sonic por compartir entre nosotros estas pequeñas gemas.
Es de agradecer.