5 de diciembre de 2009

WOBBLE JAGGLE JIGGLE - Overflowing Bowl Of Green Jelly (UK-1994) @320

Ingleses.Inicialmente editado solo en casette en 1992,mas tarde en 1994 editado en vinilo edicion limitada de 500 por MAGIC GNOME

Adrift In The Ether:The south-east of England is quite a hotbed of psychedelic talent at the moment and an incestuous one at that, with bands swapping members and collaborating in other ways at a bewildering rate. One of the many bands to Spring up from this scene has been Wobble Jaggle Jiggle who took their incredibly silly name from a song that Robert Chambers wrote in 1989 describing the feeling you get when you take too many drugs.

They have been fairly prolific, releasing five original, hour long cassettes. The first of these was Fresh Today of which no more than fifty copies were released since the band were unhappy with the sound quality. The follow up release, Kingdom Of The Big White Rabbit showed some improvement although all their studio music sounds a little bit muddy. The cassette is a sort of concept album, although in no way based around Lewis Carroll, with a story written by Robert. Thoughts Of The Sky was re-recorded for the Fun With Mushrooms compilation, and the result is quite stunning, with storming vocals and guitar. Robert also provided the voice of Barrington White HQ for the album. What? from 1994 is a compilation of tracks from their first two cassettes.

1992 and Overflowing Bowl Of Green Jelly saw further musical improvements, although by this time Ben Jackson had left the band, leaving Robert to double up on bass in the studio, with Niall Hone from Mandragora stepping in at concerts. The tape has a very druggy and laid back feel with tracks such as the light hearted Toke & Joke Club, Wasting My Time and Smoking My Reefer. Other notable tracks included Flame Of Life and Cosmic Ride. Again the sound suffers from a muddy, bass-heavy feel with the vocals far back in the mix. 1995 saw a reissue of Overflowing Bowl... on the Magic Gnome label in a tiny run and with markedly improved sound quality.

Jelly was rapidly followed by Rockadelic Reefer which again showed an improvement in musical quality, opening with the excellent title track. The sound is once again very druggy with Robert's blistering fretwork very much to the fore. This tape, along with Overflowing Bowl Of Green Jelly were released as Surrealistic Clock Tower the first in the Myths Of The Ghandarva series from Belgian magazine Crohinga Well. This is a beautifully packaged double cassette box, with a booklet featuring an interview with the band, a sticker and an Overflowing Bowl Of Green Jelly flick book. Released in an edition of just three hundred, this will prove to be an elusive release. Sockitome is another compilation, this time taken from Jelly and Reefer.

1994's Spiralize Surprize was the band's best release to date, although again you'd do well to listen to it with the bass response turned right down. There isn't a really bad track on the whole tape, while a couple of them are out and out psychedelic classics. The highlights of the album are Dragonfly, Fly a trippy and druggy song, which sounds remarkably like The Thirteenth Floor Elevators apart from Caroline's vocals, and the frenzied guitar overload of Bourbon Frenzy.

Caroline Davey has sung with another Brighton band, Cherokee Mist, and she provided a belting vocal for This Is... on Mandragora's 1994 Temple Ball album. (Chris Williams)

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

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Pep Sonic dijo...

Cuando estaba escuchando este disco no daba crédito a lo que oía. Menuda pasada. Parece que está grabado en 1969. De momento no me ha sonado a inglés. Me parece más bien costa oeste. Buenas guitarras psicodélicas y tremendos vocales. Matricula de Honor para este disco.

Anónimo dijo...

I've been looking for this for ages. Thanks so much for posting this.

Xochitl mass dijo...

Aquí el texto...Pero Dios Santo, de que galaxia viene usted señor galactic.

Lo primero que destacaría es la excelente voz de Caroline; solida, original y diversa, pero como si tal cosa tienen un poderoso guitarrista, deparando basicamente psicodelia pesada

dr.bigsound dijo...

Un excelente y potente disco que recuerda la mejor psicodelia de los grupos tejanos de finales de los 60's. Un gran labor de la guitarras y la gran voz de su cantante femenina.
Muchas gracias Galacticgarden,

Anónimo dijo...

Amiable post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.