5 de diciembre de 2009

WHITE SUMMER - White Summer (USA-1976) @320

Grupo Americano. Trio de Michigan.Muy raro disco del que poca informacion se conoce.Hacian un rock melodico,donde mezclan la sicodelia con lo progresivo.Tremendos los 8' de OMEGA y killer Guitar en: LAUGH WHEN I DIE. Muy buen disco.

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YOF2ZW53 Pastword: bierre

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Progger dijo...

Great one, killer stuff as always. Mucha gracias senior!

JeanBernardFrance dijo...

The name of the group made me think at the great guitar playing of Jimmy Page on this title.I found also in this album various and fine guitar work.Thanks for the post.

Jimi dijo...

Muy buen disco con suaves y agradables momentos pero me quedo con Omega, tremenda!!!

Muchas gracias Galactic

Pep Sonic dijo...

Efectivamente momentos de rock melódico, pero otros no tanto. Nuevamente otro gran disco en Los Sonidos de Mi Mente y veo que es la copia 148 de la reedición de 300 que hubo. Los originales, supongo que carísimos.... Maravilloso. Omega es la guinda al pastel que es este pedazo de disco.

Muchas gracias Galactic,

Gary dijo...

Very good USA hard rock band.The album features some great lead guitar work on most of the tracks.Don't be put off by track 1 as it is not a patch on the rest of the songs.Also the lead vocalist is pretty good too!My fave tracks are sail and ridin high.Excellent guitar work on both!Typical of the kind of Heavy Rock around at the time,not a classic but still worth a listen.Many Thanks_--Gary

groover dijo...

WOW ! This is the ultra rare underground heavy guitar hardrock psych progressive album, Recorded at Uncle Dirty's Sound Machine, Studio,Kalamazoo,Michigan.
GREAT post. Thanks!

dr.bigsound dijo...

Otro excelente disco y en edición limitada, de esta estupenda banda con un sonido muy interesante con muy buenos toques psicodélicos. A destacar el trabajo del guitarra, con muy buenos temas donde destaca la canción que cierra el album la tremenda Omega.
Muchas gracias Galacticgarden,

The6070Rock dijo...

Nice hard rock with some grooves, mellows and structured moments.
The guitar solos and the bass lines remind me Banchee.

Without a Sound - Relaxing sound, good to a car trip.
BMF - Hard rock with good guitar solos in a groove/funk mixture.
Misty Morning - Starting slowly, has a awesome guitar work and finish with a nice pulsating hard rock.
Sail - Instrumental track in the most time, a mixture of mellow, hard and progressive rock.
The tank - In the same progressive direction of Sail with a little bit more agressive passages than.
Ridin High - Yeah, pure HARD ROCK, no need of descriptions !!!!!
All Good Things - Another shot in the head, HARD ROCK bang your head !!!!
For Your Smile - Maybe the more pop oriented track, but nice work too.
Laugh When I Die - Slowly hard rock, sinister and dark atmosphere.
Omega - Another most instrumental track with lots of guitar solos and passages, sounding progressive rock with a hard rock timbre.

3,5 stars in 5 IMO.

uros dijo...

They play very long wah wah and psychedelic guitar-leads, the bass is very iron-like and the sound of the drums is very crushing. Vocals are sing in a hard way! In some parts similar to Bloodrock or Hard Dust but much more psychedelic.
Thanks a lot!

Progman44 dijo...

For some reason, I thought of Led Zeppelin - but its a different beast altogether. Nice guitar freakouts, even proggish at times. This is a grower. My 2nd time and loving it more and more. As always , thanks for the great music share and upload.

uguruguru dijo...

Stunning sounds, gracias for sharing finaly.