2 de noviembre de 2009

LARRY'S REBELS - A Study In Black (NEW ZEALAND-1967) @320

DREAMS FANTASIES & NIGHMARES:LARRY'S REBELS. The roots of this Christchurch outfit who were based in Auckland lay in an instrumental band called The Young Ones. In 1964, they caught the attention of Max Merritt, who arranged for them to play a Sunday Club gig. Paul King heard them, changed their name to The Rebels and became their manager. On 3rd November 1964, they cut their first demo, Don't It Make You Feel Good / Theme From Dr. No. The flip side, an instrumental, had already been covered by The Invaders. They followed this with a cover of The Zombies' Leave Me Be together with one of The Searchers' Till I Met You, followed soon after. King got Philips interested but was replaced as their manager by Russel Clark, who finalised the recording deal. By this time to capitalise on vocalist Larry Morris' teen idol appeal it was decided to rename them Larry's Rebels. Their first two singles, This Empty Place (also recorded by Sandy Edmonds) and Could This Be Love both sold reasonably well and Clark teamed up with Benny Levin to form Impact Records.

Their debut disc for Impact My Prayer covered a Platters hit. This was followed first with a rehash of The Who's It's Not Time and then by a ripping organ-based number I Feel Good. A cover of Creation's mod hit Painter Man gave them their first of six Top 20 hits.

Their debut album combined soul, standards and pop. Shortly after its release they toured Australia for the first time, playing with The Easybeats. Their next 45, Let's Think Of Something was taken from the album. It had been penned for them by ex-Pleasers Roger Skinner and gave them their first Top 5 New Zealand hit. Even better was Dream Time, a whimsical slice of quasi-psychedelic flower pop and their first original composition. Later in 1969, they based themselves permanently in Sydney, having spent the previous two years travelling regularly between Sydney and Auckland.

They never succeeded in breaking through in Australia and returned home. Terry Rouse left the band in July 1968 and Mal Logan replaced him. Just prior to this and during a hugely successful New Zealand Blast Off '68 tour they recorded Do What You Gotta Do, which gave them another big hit. A few months later Larry Morris left the band and they recruited a new singer Glyn Mason.

Morris later became a radio DJ before resuming his singing career. When Larry's Rebels finally called it a day in January 1970 Glyn Mason went on to Chain, Home, Copperwine, Ariel and Stockley and See and Mason. Mal Logan later figured in Healing Force, Carson, Renee Geyer Band and The Little River Band among others.

Viv McCarthy and Dennis Stott are still known to perform in Auckland occassionally. Larry Morris was involved in a couple of well-publicised drug busts and jail sentences. He also spent a while in the 'States but his music career never attained the heights he once reached with Larry's Rebels, who were undoubtedly one of New Zealand's best pop bands.

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Pep Sonic dijo...

Clasico disco de garage facturado en nuestras antipodas (bueno, en Nueva Zelanda en este caso) a caballo entre el garage americano y el soul mod - freak beat inglés, con temas acelerados, baladitas, alguna versión que otra (incluso alguna enmascarada como Flying Scotsman) y la siempre sensación, por lo menos yo la tengo, que estos discos no fallan. No serán obras maestras, pero siempre es un placer escucharlos.

Muchas gracias Galactic.

Anónimo dijo...

8 skye boat song
probably push on turntable