6 de noviembre de 2009

THE HUMAN INSTINCT - Stoned Guitar (NEW ZEALAND-1970) @320

DREAMS FANTASIES & NIGHTMARES. This band started out as The Four Fours in New Zealand and were one of its finest mid-sixties combos. In August 1966, they headed for the U.K., playing on board a cruise ship and changing their name to The Human Instinct en-route.
In 1968, they returned to New Zealand where they recorded five excellent and very rare albums of guitar-based hard rock. Back home they underwent various line-up changes. Most significantly, at Maurice Greer's brother Frank's suggestion (he was the band's manager) Billy Te Kahika was recruited to the line-up on guitar. His searing guitar work gave them a new dimension and, by late 1969, they had secured a residency at Auckland's Bo Peep Club.
Stoned Guitar is a definite progression on their earlier effort. The title cut, a band instrumental composition, commences with a screeching and stunning sound effects opening. What follows is very Hendrixque instrumentation. The opening cut Black Sally is a guitar driven Dennis Wilson composition. There are two Jesse Harper compositions, Jugg-A-Jug Song and Midnight Sun, with lots more guitar-driven instrumentation. There's an acoustic cover of John Kongos' Tomorrow and the album concludes with the ten-minute long rendition of Rory Gallagher's Railway And Gun, recorded live at the Bo Peep Club.

Ripeado de vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

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JeanBernardFrance dijo...

Great album with burning guitar.

Miguel Angel dijo...

Apabullantes estos Human Instinct.

Gracias por estos ripeos de originales.