15 de octubre de 2009

WATERFALL - Waterfall (SWITZERLAND-1972) @320

WATERFALL. Suizos, duo. Muy Raro disco.Largos y muy bien estructurados temas en onda rock-progress.

Ripeado de Vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN.

On the downside, these songs don't seem very progressive to me at all. They're interesting '70's rock with a large dose of folk and R&B.
The most memorable tune is the gimmicky second cut, "Play Hiding", where the band members make deep-sounding statements about themselves, and a huge stadium-full of people wildly applaud at everything they say. Something on the order of "We're young, we're beautiful, and we sure aren't wrong [wild applause]." It's fun, and surely indicates that the band aren't taking themselves too seriously ... perhaps even poking fun at those who do.
The whole album was recorded in Italy on a budget of 7000 (I don't know if this was Dollars, Lira or Swiss Francs), including mastering and pressing the vinyl. Considering this, the recording is good, but consists only of guitars, bass and vocals by composer Corry Knobel with Eliano Galbati on precussion and a couple of guests playing a bit of piano.

(Gibraltar Enciclopedia De Rock)

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LJRR77U1 Pastword: sonidos

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Pep Sonic dijo...

Bueno, pues este disco ha sido toda una sorpresa para mi. A parte de progresivo el disco tiene mucho de folk y de psicodelia.

El único pero, que se hace cortísimo. No se si llegará a 30 minutos el disco y encima pasan volando.

Una cara a impecable y una cara b con 2 únicos temas enlazados,Waterfall y The Unknow light, inferior en mi opinión a la tremenda cara a.

Muchas gracias por este DISCAZO.

mandustrian dijo...

i don't know why but i only discovered this wonderful blog just recently.....much too late for some excellent posts where the links had died((

most grieved for are this one (Waterfall) & Sex Museum's 1st album. yes i know that it's not nice at all to ask but... then again... if you'd be so kind as to revive links for those 2 pages (or, at least, for Waterfall - i can't find it anywhere on the net!!!!) it would be SO - SO much appreciated!...

best regards, mandustrian (w/a bit of hope...)