20 de septiembre de 2009

ADAM - Eura (SWEDEN-1993) @320

Adam talks a little about his album: (Subliminal Sounds)

Well, it‚s due to Stefan Kéry that I made the records. When I recorded the 1st one I wanted to create music that wasn't confined to 3 minutes of basic song structure but free, mind expanding and self-experienced music. I decided to write about an island that actually exists, where I spent time both as a child and as an adult. I got inspiration from Merrell, the Chocolate Watchband, the Strawberry Alarm Clock and Jade Stone & Luv. My first album was partially recorded in my living room and in a studio. I started with recording the guitars and then the percussion. Then I invited people I trusted and let them dub on their instruments without any reservations. One track on that album was recorded in S.T. Mikaels living room.
Ripeado del vinilo por GALACTICGARDEN

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meurglys dijo...
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Pep Sonic dijo...

Muchas gracias galactic. Una maravilla. 4 canciones creando ambiente psicodélico pero melódico. Bestial. Para tumbarse en el sillón, cerrar los ojos y perderse.

pimpon dijo...

Y este disco????
Una pequeña joya a la que hay que extraer de su caparazón con mucha delicadeza.
Me encanta.
Tus disco Galacticgarden, qué tendrán tus discos para maravillarme de esta manera.
Muchas gracias.
Uhmmmmm! que sensación más agradable.

Gotholia dijo...

I was searching for this album more than 5 years. Thank you, it was worth searching...