10 de agosto de 2009

RON AND SHIRLEY - Rock & Scroll (USA-1977) @320

RON AND SHIRLEY-Duo Americano (New Jersey)formado por Ron Russo & Shirley Bristle con grupo de acompañamiento.Encuadrados dentro del genero XIAN-CHRISTIAN rock.Buenos temas con guitarras crudas, toques folk psych.


DOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9R0O8Z4Z Pastword: bebe
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EZ9GS1FV Pastword: pipo

6 comentarios:

myanmar dijo...

A great album with great asounds, thank you very much for this.

josesimon dijo...

Un buen trabajo eminentemente vocalista-acustico con unas apariciones de guitarra muy cuidadas, sonidos de gran calidad y delicadeza.
Gracias de nuevo

Christopher Orczy dijo...

This is a great album. Very psych and quite odd in places. Lo-fi greatness, with plenty of quirk. It certainly sounds more 72 than 77. Thanks a lot for posting this one!

Christopher Orczy dijo...

This is easily one of the best Christian albums from the 1970's. It really is superb and unique. Highly recommended to anyone who like 70's psychy music.

atica dijo...

a refreshing album , a modern jefferson airplane sound with touches from birmingham sunday , not really fuzzy but quite psychedelic in places

lonewolf dijo...

Another excellent album from this great blog.
Thanks for the music. And thanks for the efforts.