11 de agosto de 2009

OSSIE LAYNE SHOW - Maddox 2 (UK-1969) @320

OSSIE LAYNE SHOW-Grupo Ingles (Newcastle).Unico disco publicado por este grupo.Editado solo en España y muy pocas copias.Grabado en un live show en la Discoteca MADDOX de la Costa Brava.Guitarra Fuzz,organo swirl temas soul-rock.

DOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HNFJ62B0 Pastword: baby

3 comentarios:

myanmar dijo...

Looks good to me this, thank you very much for sharing it.

Nero dijo...

Energetic soul and r&b: not a masterpiece but very enjoyable music. Believe me, don't listen to this while you're driving if you don't want to exceed speed limits.
Thanks to all for this post.

Oriolet dijo...

Thanks for this contribution. It is a really hard to find LP. For sure it is one of the best soul album recorded in Spain ... but compared to other live albums recorded during the sixties in other European countries or in the states, in my opinion it is not relevant. However, I love it for this crusty sound and for the covers of Mellow Moonlight and Midnight Hour. It is also interesting for the historical importance. Certainly, Spanish people was not used to this kind of concerts and these sounds, so for sure it was a revolution. Thanks again