14 de agosto de 2009

M.FROG - Labat (USA-1973) @320

M.FROG- O Jean Yves Labat.Emigro a Europa (Paris).Entusiasmado con las bellas artes,descubrio y se inicio en la musica electronica-avant garde. Es de lo que consta sobre todo la cara A de este disco, la cara B es mas rock-sicodelico con buenos temas.


DOWNLOAD: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VOUQJR6V

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jonjim1952 dijo...

Jean-Yves Labat released a synth-driven rock album. As quoted in the liner notes (lp version), he is "using the synthesizer, the EMS synth, as a true [musical]instrument"; not wishing for it to imitate other instruments.

The lead track, "We Are Crazy" exemplifies Labat's desire for accessibility, fun-wackiness, and showing the full nature of this EMS synth. The other tunes go from light-pop, "Takatykitakite, and "Monkey People", to exotic, "Broushneik" to heavy, "Champegarpaen",and lastly to experimental, "Relax Goliath".

Labat/M.Frog went on to be a member of Todd Rungren's Utopia.