15 de agosto de 2009

AUGUST - Featuring John Piette And Friends (USA-1978) @320

AUGUST.Grupo USA (Virginia) Nada que ver con otro grupo del mismo nombre de New Jersey 1967.Muy muy raro y poco conocido.Killer hard rock,largos temas y super guitar work.

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1NUHRF8T Pastword: estudio
http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3VQWIVPI Pastword: estudio

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myanmar dijo...

Mmmmmm, some great hardrock on this album, with very very good playing i must say. This was a new name to me but i will play this album very much i think. Again thank you so very much for all your magnificent posts on this grande blog.

zbln1898 dijo...

A rare album of which I also never heard about. And it is more than okay!

spunkie dijo...

Looking to hear this one. Thanks so much for the share.

Socram dijo...

Very rare and great album! Thanks for your kindness!!!

nelwizard dijo...

Hi Galactic, greetz;

fantastic album we have here, had read some reviews of the album, but had never heard, thanks to this wonderful place for sharing good music I might know!

God bless you!

Pep Sonic dijo...

Dentro de las rarezas que publicas,no es de lo que mas me ha gustado pero lo aprecio y lo agradezco igualmente.

Como me gusta mucho la guitarra, lo conservo como oro en paño.

Gracias y un saludo,

galacticgarden dijo...

Es un placer incluir el comentario enviado por JOHN PIETTE DE AUGUST.

Is a Pleasure including the comment what send: JOHN PIETTE OF AUGUST,
Thanks John


I was pleased to find your posting of my band August. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

You can find additional info and pics on Myspace under augustrockandrollband.

Once again,

Thanks for your interest in my band

John Piette

Anónimo dijo...

Been looking for this. Thanks a lot!