26 de diciembre de 2012

DAVID CHALMERS - Looking For Water (US-1977) @320

David Chalmers empezo atocar en bandas locales de Iowa a mitad de los 60's,nunca llegaron a publicar nada pero si eran notable sus conciertos en directo segun las cronicas. A mitad de los 70's en un sello local californiano Publico 3 LP's,este es su 2º tambien publicaremos el 1º. Esencia sicodelica rock con buenas guitarras y finas voces,feel country-sureño en algunos momentos.Muy recomendable.


Taken from ACID ARCHIVES:Chalmers’ second album feels like it was released before he was ready for a full LP. Its 8 songs total just under half an hour, and half of them are filler: two covers and two remakes of earlier songs. The album is heavier and funkier than "Primeval Road", with a weird mix of styles including a quasi-disco song (intended sarcastically?) and one great dreamy ballad that evokes the first album. Somewhat disappointing, but it has its moments, and the excellent guitar playing is more to the forefront this time.

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zbln1898 dijo...

I don't know what to expect about this artist but I'm going to listen to it.
Thanks for sharing.

elmira dijo...

Great stuff these albums with Chalmers, excellent posts indeed.

myanmar dijo...

Realy realy sweet music on this, thank you is not good enough for your great share.

Cesar dijo...

Gracias por repostear discos que ya estaban caidos. Fabuloso blog.

Pep Sonic dijo...

Gracias Galactic, se me pasó en su momento este disco. Me ha gustado. Como siempre impecable el trabajo de scans. Un saludo,