14 de junio de 2016

WIDSITH - Maker Of Song (US-1972) @320

WIDSTH - Maker Of Song. Duo Americano New Jersey. Creatividad a montones.Nombre Ingles sacado de uno de los poemas mas antiguos que se conocen. Folk-Rock-Blues con toques sicodelicos.10 Canciones hechas poemas o poemas hechas canciones.Exquisitas voces y buena guitarra en muchos de los temas.

Ripeado del LP con fotos por GALACTICGARDEN
76.00mb  RE: 03-06-2016

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myanmar dijo...

Also a realy fine piece of art Widsith, i think many that haven't heard it before will be very happy for this post.

knos55 dijo...

Si señor, buenas voces y un relajante disco.

frumious bandersnatch dijo...

Absolutely excellent LP. I had a bit of trouble with the vocals at first, but the songwriting is great throughout the whole LP, and the production is quite good for a private press : all songs sound quite different but there is a coherence all through. There is a country/rural feel on many tracks but also a true intensity.
A winner !
thanks a lot !!!

Anónimo dijo...

Some great jangle-rock on this album.
Been searching for this for a long time, but only found some troubled
MACOSX zipfiles.
This is the right one !

juan manuel muñoz dijo...

con esa recomendación, quién no quiere tener éste disco? Mil gracias